At the first sight of the cllection, TREND T became my favorite brand as if I falled in love with.
Simple but perfectly calculated forum attracts me so hard.

About the designer:

"Renan is based in São Paulo, Brazil. He studied atSanta Marcelina and graduated in 2010. His collections are produced inBrazil."



Flagstaff: the entrance to the Grand Circle or Sedona
did you just pass through here as the entrance ?
if you did, you missed a amazingly historical town.



what do you think about your eyes? big? small? black? brown? blue? green? beautiful? ugly?
i'm really proud of my almond-shaped eyes.

but some japanese women don't like their natural alomond-shaped eyes because they have good image only for big eyes with long eye-lush like western people, so most of them make up their eyes with their wonderful making up skills and specific cosmetics, such as fake eye lush or "eye putti"(it help your eyes change into western eyes artificially).

i think it best to be natural without controlling yourself. of course, making up must be needed for women and helps them more fabulous.

especially when you make up like a model walking on runways,  almond-eyes must be the best, i think.


i picked up some pictures of Asian models(Chinese models). they have traditional almond eyes but, of course, they are absolutely charming because of their beauty, right?

i have coming-age ceremony in January, wearing Kimono.
luckily my eyes are traditional almond eyes.

special making up for my almond eyes is necessary for me to be a special Kimono girl.