I read about this brand on one of my favorite magazines.
The point that it is inspired by architecture extremely attracted me.
The designer studied about it first, but changed into fashion.
It was the shape of clothes that enchants people, I think.


Miila and the Geeks

I happend to find a band when I looked for information about a party in Matsumoto, Nagano.
The party is still unclear, but I found the band, Miila and the Geeks.
They play Punk music in Japan.
 .......but I think they play kind of Post Punk/Pop 
and there are a girl and two boys(Geeks)

Moe is a Vocal and Guitar/Bass
(the Geeks)
Kaoru is Drum
Komori is Sax(Screaming Sax)

Moe is also a member of TWEE GRRRLS CLUB, DJ team.

Anyway, just wacth these videos!

Is that really cute and cool?

Their shows are also cool.
I really wanna dance on the floor!