what do you think about your eyes? big? small? black? brown? blue? green? beautiful? ugly?
i'm really proud of my almond-shaped eyes.

but some japanese women don't like their natural alomond-shaped eyes because they have good image only for big eyes with long eye-lush like western people, so most of them make up their eyes with their wonderful making up skills and specific cosmetics, such as fake eye lush or "eye putti"(it help your eyes change into western eyes artificially).

i think it best to be natural without controlling yourself. of course, making up must be needed for women and helps them more fabulous.

especially when you make up like a model walking on runways,  almond-eyes must be the best, i think.


i picked up some pictures of Asian models(Chinese models). they have traditional almond eyes but, of course, they are absolutely charming because of their beauty, right?

i have coming-age ceremony in January, wearing Kimono.
luckily my eyes are traditional almond eyes.

special making up for my almond eyes is necessary for me to be a special Kimono girl.



i just wanna share wonderful scenery with you

can you see the rainbow over the amazing sunset?



The biggest museum in North Europe


ARoS is famous for a huge monument created by Tony Matelli

His artworks are all grotesque but make me feel "life".

I cannot explain what is the good point of his arts and how good they are, but they remain in my mind.

Unfortunately I cannot introduce what I like the best because there is no picture on the official web site and even in google search system.

Comtemporary arts in ARoS so complicated that I cannot understand. 
I guess I cannot tell you the detail even in my native language. sigh

Anyway, if you like modern arts, you must visit Aarhus, Denmark.

I forgot.

You must not forget to go to the roof garden because you can see the view as if wearing rainbow glasses.



Dum Dum Girls

You know so cool, so cute a girls band, Dum Dum Girls?

Once you take a look and listen to their song, you must be into theirs.

They start at New York, USA and play garage rock sounds, putting on black costume.

One of my dreams was to see their show, which came true in Frankfurt, Germany.

While travellin in Germany, they were also coming there.

All I have to do was GO TO SEE THEIR SHOW!!

Of course, I actually did and enjoyed it soooooooooo much!!

In fact, they are much better than the photos and videos.

They're really pleased with my coming from Japan and giving them a present<3

There are also cute girls coming to see Dum Dum Girls!

Thank you for giving me chances to take such beautiful photos, girls!!


German Army Jacket

He was just sitting next to me in the park in Malmo, Sweden and gave me good information about second-hand clothes stores around the park. 
He also bought this pants at one of the stores.


Purple Hair Girl

 about two weeks ago, i went to Denmark, Germany and the cities aroud these countries, bringing my camera for taking street-snaps.( of course, for sight-seeing)
i'm just a student in Japan, you know, i am not a professional photographer.
but i love taking pictures of people, who are standing or walking in the street...

she is the most charming girl i've ever seen...
purple hair and specific sun-glasses make her cool and cute
i don't know how i express her beauty.



KOuKA 香華



and so on.....

Why is she so beautiful and mysterious?
At the first sight of her, I feel like seeing something sparkling.LOL
Her long long legs and arms are perfectly fitting for these clothes.
I think she's gonna be definitely the best in the furture.

pictures by offcial cite