Have more confidence

It's my assignment........

One of my friend,Shu-ta said,
Girls having confidence must be cute.
A girl having confidence must be cool whatever she does or wears.
She is cool just walking around.
about me?
Those around me in the university praise me.
It is somehow awkward, but of course, it makes me happy :)

To be honest, when I can make up my face and put on cloths fitting TPO and my feeling,
then I feel like being able to express myself  a little bit and some people praise me!
I also feel like 「It's meeeeeeeee!!!!!
Hey guys, look at me ;)」

Actually, confidence is important.
When I go to snap fashionable people or they surroud me,
I feel 【I can't stand here anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!】
and also my face says this feeling.
So it robs me of my attraction.
Confidence give me some magical power, which enchants those around me!

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